How To Meet Singles in Yiwu China

Yes, our website related to business with China, buying from Yiwu Market and other serious stuff like that. However, what if you feel boring and lonely in too long business trip in Yiwu? Many people ask me about how to meet single people in Yiwu. 

This article was written just for fun - to teach you how to meet singles, friends (maybe a wife, who know?) in Yiwu China.

Online - use popular Chinese apps for your phone.

The easiest way to meet singles in China (and in Yiwu) - just find each other in popular Chinese dating apps. Yes, there are a lot of them. Look at two most famous; it will be more than enough for you.

It will be better if you will talk in Chinese if you want to meet single Chinese people. If you speak only English - it is ok. Many in Yiwu can speak English. Just ask them about that. 

Good sign if your partner uses English name in the app - that 80% means that she (or he) can speak English.

1. WeChat - "people nearby" function

You already in Yiwu - it is mean that you must already installed WeChat messenger on your phone. If not - do it immediately, without WeChat it is impossible to do any business in China. Even just communicate with your Chinese friends. 

How to meet new people in WeChat? Use the function "people nearby"! Let me show you:

Open WeChat.

On the bottom you will see "Discover" button. Click it.

Now you can see this menu - click on "People Nearby"

Now your phone started to share location with others.

You can see the list of people nearby, and even you can see what distance dividing you.

Ok, the first thing that we will do - click "options" button on the right up corner.

New menu appears - here you can set who do you want to see.

Choose females only, males, or both - as you like.

After you click on any person - this window will appear.

What to do next? Just send a greeting, use the green button.

If another person likes you - she will answer and you can start to talk about, hmm, good weather, for example :)

2. TanTan - Chinese copy of Tinder

Another useful application - "TanTan." Chinese copy of "Tinder." I hope you know what Tinder is because I am not going to explain a lot about that.

If you want to use Tinder in China - you will be disappointed. Almost nobody using it. 

However, in TanTan you will find thousands and thousands of people.

This is how Tantan page in Google Play looks like.

Don't confuse it with other similar apps.

After installation and uploading some nice photos, go to options.

Set up who you want to meet - man or woman.

Set the distance between.

Set the age.

All the rest you should already know - swipe right or left.

If you both like each other - start to chat.

Good news - in Tantan you can swipe 500 times one day!

Want more - need to pay some money.

However, I think 500 swipes a day is more than enough.

These two apps are the most popular in Yiwu. Try to use - you will find new friends very fast, I am sure!

In the bar or night club

Not interesting in chatting online? You can just go to the bar or night club in Yiwu! You will find new friends and will have a good time - for sure.

There are a lot of good places in Yiwu. I want to recommend two of them:

1. M-BOX restaurant&bar

A good place to drink, listen to music, dance and meet new people. Western food - hamburgers are huge and very nice.

Not expensive alcohol - beer, cocktails, and more. Almost every evening live music - band from the Philippines. 

You can meet people from all over the world here - most foreigners in Yiwu like to come here. Many Chinese people as well.

How to find this place? Ask local people, everybody knows about M-BOX. 

Or just use this map, it is not ideal, but better than nothing. Can show to taxi driver.

2. Means Club

100% night club. Dance music. Drinks. Loud music. Go-go girls.

Means Club is the nice place, if you like night clubs. Every evening they got a show. A lot of people from all over the world. 

Use this map to get to Means Club. 

If you use IPhone you will not have any problem with maps in China - they are pretty good.

Android Phone? Download some local Chinese maps. For example, "AMAP".

Don't forget to invite us to your party :)

Hope you will have a good time in Yiwu!


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