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Sourcing and shipping products from China can seem quite dauting at first. Not only is China a massive country, but it still remains relatively ‘separate’ from the rest of the world. While Yiwu may be a thousands of miles from where you live, the city and its world-famous market are only 150 km from the port of Ningbo, on the East China Sea, beyond which lies the Pacific Ocean and both North and South America.

Sinamax can help you with all logistical and practical hurdles when shipping from China

Understanding how China operates on a commercial basis can seem quite a challenge. One of the greatest obstacles for those of you looking to ship goods from China is understanding the laws, regulations and practicalities. Even when you have overcome these challenges, there is then the practical and logistical aspects to handle.

Both of the above ‘hurdles’ are made appreciably more difficult with a lack of English-speaking Chinese to assist. Yes, many can speak ‘broken English’, but you need something better than this when handling cargoes on which a business depends and where shipping costs and timings are critical.

When it comes to shipping goods from China, your best bet is to find a reliable and experienced multilingual shipping agent, which is exactly what you will find here at Sinamax.  

A little more about Sinamax and our services for shipping from China

We are now one of the most established shipping agents operating out of Yiwu market. We are in the perfect position to help you ship products to any other port in the world, and then on to your doorstep, no matter the size of the order or the type of products.

We have established our reputation and the business has continued to expand through offering a reliable service at a competitive rate, to the point where our success has been built on the back of clients who come back to us for help, time and time again.

FCL and LCL, to an We can provide you with quotes for both FCL (flat rate single container price) or LCL where you only pay for the space you take up in a container, starting at 5 cubic meters. Even at the very early stages of you your research into shipping goods from China, and especially Yiwu market.

Ten suppliers – one container

We have access to containers from all major shipping lines, including Maersk, COSCO, Evergreen, and APL.

We can provide all the necessary documentation that will be required at the destination country, ensuring no hold-ups at customs at your end.

Because our shipping warehouse is located at Yiwu, the world’s largest market, we can consolidate all your orders, no matter how many suppliers you order goods from, and once we have them all in our warehouse, we can organise the shipping to the point where you may have ten different suppliers, but only require one single container.

Shipping from China from other ports

Yiwu is often referred to as a port, but in reality, goods destined fro overseas are shipped from the port of Ningbo, 150km away. However, here at Sinamax we can ship goods from any port in China, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin, not just Yiwu and Ningbo.  

Inland shipping in China, FOB terms

If your supplier (or number of suppliers) in China provide only Ex Works (EXW) terms, we can “upgrade” to Freight on Board (FOB) or Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) terms. Inland shipping in China, booking containers, warehousing, loading, customs, port expenses – can all be expertly carried out by Sinamax.

Understanding shipping terms, understanding vendors

If you are a new business and this is your first venture into the world of buying and shipping products from China, there are likely to me a thousand and one questions you want to ask, and we will gladly answer them all, no matter how trivial any of them may seem. Just because we know the buying and shipping business inside out, we don’t expect you to know, so we will gladly guide you all the way.

Not only do we provide full translation services, with our greatest strength being Chinese-English translation, but we also ‘translate’ technical terms and ‘jargon’, ensuring you understand exactly what will happen to your goods.

For example, as above FOB or Freight on Board may mean nothing to you, yet this is important, Freight on board means that you assume full responsibility for the goods you are having shipped the minute they are loaded onto a ship in China. CIF is a cost you need to factor into your budget for products purchased as this covers the cost of shipping, insurance and other associated costs.

Initial inland shipping in China

If your supplier(s) in China only offer EXW terms, we can “upgrade” to FOB or CIF terms. Inland shipping in China, booking containers, warehousing, loading, customs, port expenses – we can handle absolutely everything for you, ensuring you receive delivery of your goods where you need them, when you need them, and for the exact budget you have allocated for them.

Sinamax will help you with every single aspect of buying and shipping goods from China to anywhere in the world.

From negotiating the price of products to ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork in place, Sinamax will help you. Our fees are modest as our business’ success depends on recommendation and repeat business. 90% of our clients are repeat customers as they recognize just how efficient and professional we are.

So, if you have any questions, you know what to do. Just give us a call and ask. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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