Why Sometimes It's Not Easy To Purchase In Yiwu Market

We all know how hard to sell sometimes. Not easy to find customers, need a lot of time to build relationships with them, increase your sales, grow a business. Sales is not an easy task.

But can you imagine that buying process can be same difficult? Did you ever expect that your suppliers not so interested in selling goods to you? And you need to put much effort just to purchase their products? In Yiwu Market, China, this is the everyday reality.

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What products easy to buy?

First of all, not all products difficult to buy. So what you can buy without a headache?

1. Stock

A large number of suppliers in Yiwu Market has "stock" - goods in large quantity available for immediate purchase. Every supplier will show you samples of their stock items.

Where are this stock came from? Mostly customers who refuse to take their order. And factory needs to sell those items fast - to return the money. Also, in stock always "hot-sale" items - like the spinners in 2017 - everybody need - and factory make it in advance.

There is no problem to buy - price usually with discount, goods available right now, at this moment - no need to wait. Just confirm the sample and purchase, it's that easy.

2. Products "as is", without special requirements and customization

In Yiwu Market show-rooms you can find many samples of factory products. Every vendor has examples of their products.

If you don't need to change anything in the product - it's easy to order. But remember, you will get item exactly as it shown to you - same material, same packing, same everything. Check it very carefully for every detail. After you receive the goods, there will be too late to complain - as you already confirm the sample.

Did you saw a sample in Chinese packing? You will get the same packing. So, better to discuss everything in advance, before placing the order.

Where to expect difficulties?

Now let's talk about real difficult orders, when you can meet difficulties with purchase in Yiwu Market:

1. Vendors not interested in small orders

If you want to buy less than five cartons of goods from one supplier - be ready that he will be not interested in you. In Yiwu Market minimum interesting order - 5 boxes. If you want to order less - sometimes vendor don't get enough profit to pay for delivery to the warehouse.

But sometimes we need to buy samples, or just one carton - to check the quality and decide about bigger order. It's also possible. Just be ready for a long conversation with your supplier. Also, the price will be higher.

2. Custom packing of the goods

Do you want to do own packing? All suppliers in Yiwu can do that. Sometimes this task is not so simple.

First, you need to provide your design in acceptable file format, like .ai or other. It's better to use own designer service, for good results. If you just give the pictures or description to the supplier - effect maybe in "Chinese style."

Second, custom packing always affects on the delivery date. Adding not less than one week to production time. Remember, production time starts only after you provide the supplier with design, marking and other information, not early. If vendor telling you that production time is 20 days, for example, it means 20 days after they receive all the data about your goods.

3. Detailed information about the product

It may sound ridiculous, but some suppliers can't give you detailed information about the product. Most common answer - "you will receive the product same as this sample."

It can be challenging to know details about materials, can this product pass the test and so on. Why this happening? Because factories usually buy raw material from other manufacturers, and just don't care about details that you need to know.

Even more, suppliers often don't know the weight of the product. Only cbm of the carton.

All the details you actually can get, but you will need the help of the professional export agent, and maybe need some time to know all the correct detailed information. Be ready.

4. Custom design, custom materials

If you want to change the design of the product itself, not only packing - it can be challenging task. You need to provide factory with as many details and blueprints as you can. Don't expect they will help you with this.

Same with custom materials. for example you want to change plastic in the toy, so it will be able to pass the test. You need to provide the supplier with maximum details about the material you want to use. And still, they maybe will not understand you.

Changing design, materials, and even color - not an easy job. Probably you can't do it alone, need the help of your export agent to discuss and control all the process.

5. Delivery date

Every supplier will give you delivery day. But you should never trust them. Delay widespread in Yiwu.

If nobody controls the production process, nobody push supplier to make goods in time - they can delay the delivery date for months! They can find many reasons for this, but real reason only one - they produce products in the first place for customers who push them to make. 

Why this happening? Vendors don't need customers?

The way of sales in China is different. Vendors don't want to spend to much time on every customer, and they don't need to know more details about their products. Of course, they need customers, but they are waiting for big and "easy" ones.

Why do they need to spend time with a small customer who can buy only a few cartons if next day will come somebody who will buy few containers? Even if you grow up in the future, your orders will be huge - they don't care. When you grow up - they will pay you more attention. Not now.

Why do they need to care about your design, your packing, about making it beautiful and useful? They care only about sales of their product, not quality and appearance

Why do they need to know every detail about their product, and materials if most of the customers don't care? 

Suppliers in Yiwu can't get a high profit; they make money only from total sales amount. More customers, more comfortable job - they can make money. Small customers or customers who need a lot of attention - less profit, or even no profit for the supplier, more time wasted - not interesting.

That's why you need to struggle sometimes to buy from China. But finally, you will get the excellent product, best price and high profit for your business.


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