How to buy online from the Yiwu Market?

We live in the world where almost everything possible to order online. But this rule is working with retail purchases, not wholesale. Yiwu Market - biggest wholesale market in the world, and this is a physical place, exhibition hall with around 100 000 show-rooms. We will explain why it's impossible to order from the Yiwu Market online.

Reason #1. Yiwu Market is huge.

Really huge. The number of booths is around 100 000, and each one of them belongs to the independent vendor. Each of them offers hundreds of goods for sale. 

If you want to spend just 5 minutes in each booth in Yiwu Market and work 24 hours a day - it will take one year. 

We only can imagine how many millions of different items suppliers offer to order in Yiwu Market. How can any online service collect such a huge amount of data?

Reason #2. Yiwu Market changing constantly.

Yiwu Market is like a living creature - growing and changing every day. You do not expect that 100 000 suppliers will stay still for months and years, don't you?

Yes, booths open and closes, changing the range of goods, always offer something new to customers. When you come back to Yiwu after a half year, for example, you maybe will not recognize the Market. So many new things will appear.

Not only assortment, prices and delivery dates also changing, almost every week. 

Can you imagine online service that will handle the update of such a waste amount of data?

Reason #3. Goods need to order, there is not only stock. 

If you have a warehouse, and some goods in stock, it will be effortless for you to put all of the items in your online shop. But what if everything you want to put online is not in stock? Each one has a different time of delivery, different minimum order, different requirements. If there is indeed some online "shop," that sell items from Yiwu Market, how many efforts they need to update all that kind of data?

When you come to vendors booth in Yiwu Market, you always discuss the terms of delivery of every item. There are millions of different items in Yiwu Market. Again - too hard job to combine them into one online service.

Is there any official website of the Yiwu Market?

Yes, Yiwu Market has an official website:

This is the only official website of the Yiwu Market. There is NO OTHER official, half-official sites, etc. All other companies who create their websites and telling you that they are "official Yiwu market website" - simply lie to you.

How can "Yiwugou" help you? It's some online catalog of suppliers that have booths in the Yiwu Market. You can find the supplier of particular goods, get directions to their booth.

If you read our "3 reasons" above, you can understand how correct this information - maybe only 50% correct. Some of the "shops" already closed, some new open, some items disappear, some new - appear.

You can use official website of the Yiwu Market only to provide you some directions to particular suppliers, not more. You can't order from

What is the best way to buy from Yiwu Market?

The best and only way to buy from Yiwu Market is come to Yiwu. Here you will find thousands of suppliers and millions of items, check the samples, visit factories and make the deals with them.

Yes, in the world where everything is going online, still exist some places where people can meet each other and make deals in real life. If you go to international trade fairs, why not go to Yiwu? Here International fair never ends!



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