Yiwu City in China - Guide

Useful information about the city of Yiwu for visitors from other countries. City History, Wholesale Market, Factories, Business, Cafes and Restaurants and much more - on this page

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Yiwu city introduction

You want to know more about Yiwu city? Where is it, why so many people talking about great business opportunities here? Read our brief introduction! 

Night market in Yiwu

What is the night market in Yiwu, and why all visitors are recommended to visit it at least once. Find out more

10 Tips To Find A Good Hotel In Yiwu

Why you should take some cash with you? What is the best location in Yiwu? Read 10 tips to find a good hotel in Yiwu>>

Yiwu singles

You can't do only job all the time. Take time for rest and find new friends. Read some hints about how to meet single people in Yiwu here>>

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