Why you need an agent to help with export from Yiwu?

Why not just meet with suppliers and deal with them directly? Why should you find a local partner, an agent in Yiwu? Export from Yiwu has some specific issues, which maybe you can't handle by yourself, let me explain:

1. Export license

It may sound strange, but most of the suppliers in Yiwu doesn't have an export license. It means they just can't accept your payment from abroad, can't deal with export from China by themselves. 

Why this happening? Suppliers in Yiwu usually are small factories - their task produce and sell the goods, and they don't want to deal with the complicated export process. Also, they sell products for the local Chinese market, which sometimes bring them more profit, they not only export-oriented.

So, local suppliers in Yiwu expecting you to find a local export agent - to deal with all this process, and they can focus on production - not export documents, taxes and other things.

You should find a good local agent in Yiwu, who has the export license and can help you to deal with this kind of suppliers.

2. Quality control

The critical issue in export from China - professional quality control before the shipping to your country. China well known for its low-quality products, but if your supplier knows that you will do an independent third-party inspection - they know that you will not accept damaged, wrong, or low-quality items.

The best way - do the quality control before the shipping, while your goods still in China. It's isurance - you will be sure that all your products you will receive in proper condition, proper quantity and adequate quality. Fix any problem after you ship them from China - almost impossible to do.

3. Payments

Most suppliers in Yiwu prefer to receive payments in cash, in Chinese yuan. Some of them ready to accept TT - but also only from the local company. Remember - almost 90% of suppliers in Yiwu does not have an export license - they just can't receive USD from abroad.

Other important issue - payments should be made only after the proper inspection. Never send all the money in advance - in that case, a supplier will feel more "stronger" - as long as he already has all the money, maybe some goods will be low quality or wrong - but supplier will insist on accepting them, and refuse to refund if any problem revealed. 

We pay to suppliers only after the quality control, just after we accept all the goods. If we see any problem - they will never get their balance until an issue is resolved.

4. Communication with suppliers

Of course, every supplier speaks Chinese. Some staff can speak English - but on a very low level. Moreover, they even think different, in a Chinese way. You may meet some difficulties in communications - sometimes you just can't understand each other.

You should use the help from a local agent in Yiwu - our staff are well educated, has the experience in international trading - we can help to communicate with local Chinese suppliers. So your negotiations or current communications will be on the proper professional level.

5. Warehouse - consolidate the goods from the large number of suppliers

Yiwu market is huge. You will find hundreds of items which you want to purchase from several suppliers. Moreover, usually you do not need a full container from one supplier, you may need to load one container with goods from 5-10 different suppliers. How to handle this?

With the help of the local export agent in Yiwu - easy. We collect the goods from the different suppliers in our warehouse, after quality control we load all of them in one container and make the export documents for you. It is really that easy - you will deal with only one exporter - our company. And we will deal with all of your suppliers in Yiwu (or other regions of China).

Also, you can keep your goods in our warehouse for always unlimited time - as long as you need it.

6. Business trip assistance

Do you want to walk alone in Yiwu market? Or better work with your personal guide-translator?

We know the market, we know not only Yiwu market - but many places and factories which most of the agents hiding from the customers - because prices there are lower, so they can make much more profit while working with you.

We do not have any secrets - we will teach you, and show you everything we know. Best prices, best factories, and markets in Yiwu and cities nearby. 

Also, we can help with hotel, we can provide you personal car and personal guide-translator. Any other questions with live and work in China - we are ready to help.


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