Wholesale Buying Process In Yiwu

If you choose Yiwu as your destination in China, if you want to buy wholesale from Yiwu Markets, suppliers, how will be the process look like? Let me show you most common ways to buy wholesale from Yiwu.

wholesale yiwu

1. Wholesale buying in Yiwu with a guide-translator.

I assume that you don't know the Chinese language. Don't know the markets in Yiwu, a location of the suppliers and factories. Don't know some specifics in communication with Chinese people, how to handle the negotiations. Am I right?

You will need a professional guide-translator in Yiwu. Not just simple translator, but a person who can help you find everything you want, help with negotiations and help to get the best deal.

If you choose this option - we will give you that person who will guide you in Yiwu and any other Chinese city if needed.


We will create a schedule together. Which areas of the markets to visit, which nearby cities we can go, do we need to visit factories. How many days we need in total and what to do in each of this days. Time is money - not waste it with useless walking around.


We will search for the products together. Our guide will help you with translation and delivery, price terms negotiation. You can get many new ideas during working days together. A guide will follow you everywhere you need them to go - Yiwu markets, nearby cities, factories, or even fairs. 

Collecting the data

Photo of the items, prices, minimum order quantity, delivery dates and other related information - our guide will collect all the data. After our work comes to an end, you will get all the data in the convenient format.


After you make a decision to buy particular items - we will help with making an agreement, order papers. We will make sure that every single detail has been written down, such as marking, stickers, prices, material, color, quantity, delivery dates and more.

Collecting the goods and inspection

After your visit, we will collect the goods in our warehouse. We will carefully inspect them to make sure that products are meet your requirements. Only after inspection and your confirmation, we will pay the balance to the suppliers. 

Shipping and documents

After goods collected, your confirmation received, and money has been paid, we will load the container. If your order not so big - we can proceed with LCL or any express delivery. We will make all the necessary documents for the shipping and customs clearance. 

Post-sell support

Any problem occurred after you received the goods? We will try to solve any problem with the supplier and try to get fair compensation. Our work will not stop after loading the container, post-sell support is vital for our cooperation.

2. Wholesale buying in Yiwu yourself.

Some of our customers, friends, don't like guide-translator to follow every their step. They want to work alone. 

No problem, in this case, we will teach you how to work alone, how to speak, how to ask prices and other terms, how to collect the data in the right way.

This way works if you want to buy simple items from the markets, without any particular requirements. Otherwise, if your item not simple, or you need to visit factories, discuss the details, customize your product - I'm sure you will need professional help. To avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.


We will show you the way. For example, you want to buy toys - we will show you all the areas in the market, related to toys - and you can go search for interesting items alone. 


You will search for the goods alone, nobody will bother you, you can take your time. If you have any question, or need a translation - just call us, we will help.

Collecting the data

We will teach you how to make right photos, how to mark items and what information to write down. You should follow the instructions, or in the future, it will be not easy, or even impossible to make the order. All the information should be clear.


In this step, you will definitely need our help. Unless you can write and read in Chinese, of course. After you provide us with information about the item you want to order - we need to go to the vendor and write down correct order paper or agreement. It will help avoid any mistakes in the future.

Collecting the goods and inspection

We will collect the goods in our warehouse. We will carefully inspect them to make sure that products are meet your requirements. Only after inspection and your confirmation, we will pay the balance to the suppliers.

Some of our customers like to participate in collecting and inspection  - we are glad to work together on this step.

Shipping and documents, post-sell support

Here is nothing new - you can read about this step above. We will take care about shipping and making all the documents.

3. Remote wholesale purchase from Yiwu.

For those who can't come to Yiwu. Also, for those who already been here and want to order again same or different items.

Most of our customers asking to order something remotely - because you can't always come to China to make every small order. We can help, we are still here.

The task

All we need is a right, specific task. Please, don't ask us to "find toys" - request to find particular toy or group of toys. Same to all other items - if it jewelry, please give us as detailed information as you can.


We will find what you looking for, send you photos, prices, minimum order, other terms and conditions. We will never order something without your confirmation.

Buying and inspection

After you confirm the order - we will make the order paper or agreement, we will control delivery date, check the quality and quantity. All the things we usually do for our customers and partners.

Shipping and documents

Of course, we will do shipping and make all the necessary documents.