Wholesale Rubber Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball Wholesale Market in Yiwu,China

Search rubber bouncing ball wholesale shop,Yiwu Market Toys area(building 1) it is a good option to visit.

There is around 10-20 shops provide bouncing ball stock -- printed bouncing ball,3D bouncing ball,picture bouncing ball....



Shop No.2413 KAN DA TOY SHOP

Shop No.2061  YAO DE TOY SHOP


bouncing ball Shop No.2015
bouncing ball Shop 2413
bouncing ball Shop 2061
bouncing ball Shop 2849

How it is MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)? And Price?

For example,as below 

bouncing ball pack in card

1 carton = 36 cards(1 card = 24 pcs)


MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)=10 carton = 360 cards

What it is GOOD quality bouncing ball?

There is 2 kind of rubber: NR(natural rubber) and BR (butadiene rubber)

Main Material of Bouncing Ball it is BR (butadiene rubber)

rubber tree
bouncing ball

#1 Print

a clear undimmed print can make the bouncing ball more "lovely" and fun!

Eco-Friendly Ink it is guarantee of Print Quality for it .

Good Print

Bad Print

#2 Bounce

All the Rubber Bouncing Ball make from the same material.

Different factory manufacturing operation make the ball different Bounce ability.

the way to check the Bounce Ability It is to drop the ball one meter from the ground,then the ball will rebound. rebound over 80% mean it pass the Quality control.(one meter drop mean 0.8 Meter rebound)

#3 Impurity content & Color

as a popular toys,GODD Bouncing ball have clear print,Shinny color,high transparency.

Clear Shinny color bouncing ball
Impurity content high ball

#4 Edge-trim

Below 2 sample picture it is quite easy to tell the difference quality of edge-trim.

good edge-trim cost factory worker more time to do it.

good edge trim bouncing ball
bad edge trim bouncing ball

Buy Wholesale Rubber Bouncing Ball From Factory

Our factory are located in Jinhua(30min from Yiwu),Zhejiang,China.Total 3000 square meter including machine area,packing area and warehouse.

Factory have passed the evaluations of SGS,EN71 and American ASTM certifications.

2016 year,we factory pass DISNEY manufacture standard test and get 


Product Manager:

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assorted 32mm bouncing balls

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