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visit yiwu marketYiwu Market, District 2, Main Gates

If you are planning to visit Yiwu, means you already know about opportunities here. Yes, you're right, probably this is the best place to buy small commodities in China. Around 105 000 factories and trading companies have showrooms in Yiwu markets.

Some people think that visit China, and Yiwu Markets - is something unique and challenging. That is not a truth. Visit Yiwu Market is as simple as visiting any other of your tourist destinations! Let me show you seven easy steps:

1. Get the Chinese visa

2. Come to China

3. Reach Yiwu city

4. Find a good export agent in Yiwu

5. Find hotel

6. Make a schedule

visit yiwu market

1. Get Chinese visa

First, to visit China, you'll need a Chinese visa. There are many kinds of them, most popular and suitable for visit Yiwu - tourist visa and business visa.  

Tourist visa ("L" Visa). Mostly for those who want to visit China for tourism, sightseeing purposes and so on. But you can easily visit Yiwu and do some business here with this kind of visa. Very easy to apply. Duration of stay is usually from 30 to 90 days. Can be multi-entry - it depends on your citizenship, there are different rules for different countries.

Business visa ("M" Visa). If you want to come to China for commercial or trading activities. Can be issued up to 10 years, with multi-entry. Usually, duration of each stay is from 30 to 90 days. Excellent choice if you want to visit Yiwu market several times per year.

How to get the visa? In Chinese Visa Center, located in your country. It usually is in the embassy of China. Almost in every state, you can find agencies who can help you with applying for Chinese visa.

If you need an invitation from the Chinese company to apply for M visa - we can help with that. Contact us for this question.

2. Find good export agent in Yiwu

If it's your first visit to Yiwu, you will defiantly need help from the local export agent. 

It's better to find one before the visit - so you will be sure that somebody will meet you here, take care of your schedule, get ready for your trip and your specific tasks.

Export agents provide you with translator, guide, help you with placing orders, collecting the goods and many more. Anyway, it's almost impossible to buy from the Yiwu Market without any local help - so, find one good export agent in advance.

3. Travel to China

By plane, of course. But there are no direct flights to Yiwu city from other countries - Yiwu Airport is not an international.

First, we recommend you to take a flight to one of the following cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou or Hong Kong. After that, you can reach Yiwu. 

Choose the right time for travel. We strongly do not recommend you visit China during and near the Chinese New Year holidays (each year different dates, January--February). Nobody is doing business on holidays in China.

Also crowded months - April and October. Because of the Canton fair in Guangzhou. But, if you want to see both Canton fair and Yiwu - it can be an excellent idea. Be ready for higher prices at this period - for tickets, for hotels and so on. Better book everything in advance.

4. How to reach Yiwu city?

Beijing to Yiwu. You can go from Beijing to Yiwu by flight - there are direct flights to Yiwu - around 1.5 hours. Or by high-speed train - about 6 hours.

Shanghai to Yiwu. High-speed train - near 1 hour, or Taxi - around 2-3 hours to Yiwu. Shuttle bus from the airport terminal to Yiwu - 3-4 hours.

Guangzhou to Yiwu. Direct flights - around 1.5 hour. Or high-speed train - 6 hours.

Hangzhou. Only 50 km distance from Hangzhou to Yiwu. So it is the best way - just less than 1 hour by car - and you reach your hotel in Yiwu.

Hong Kong to Yiwu. Many people want to visit Hong Kong first - a great city for sightseeing. If you wish to come to Yiwu from Hong Kong - better use plane, by train it takes a long time. There are direct flights from Hong Kong to Yiwu.

Better know in advance who would meet you at the airport or train station. If you take a taxi by yourself - price can be very high.

5. Find hotel in Yiwu

There are more than 300 hotels in Yiwu. Price for one night starts from $15. Most expensive and comfortable hotels, for example, Yiwu Marriott, can cost $150 for one night, and more.

Usually, there is no problem with free rooms in Yiwu. Because of a significant number of hotels. And the process of building new ones never stops.

But of course better book hotel in advance. To be sure about your place to stay. Trading companies in Yiwu (including our firm) can book a hotel for you with discount - ask your partners for help.

Better to find a room near the Yiwu market - because it will be your central "working place," and better to live nearby.

6. Make the schedule

A trip to Yiwu is always a business trip, so make a good schedule. Yiwu Markets are huge, if you don't know where you will go the next day - you can lose a lot of time.

Also, plan your visits to factories. Visit one factory can take a whole day, remember this. Ask your export agent make a schedule for you, or make it together. 

Travel assistance

We can help you with travel to Yiwu:

  • Recommend the best route, best transport to reach China and Yiwu
  • Transfer by car from the airports and train stations in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu to your hotel
  • Hotel booking with discount
  • Guide, translation, other help (like local sim-card, open bank account and so on)

Contact us in advance, we will help you with travel to Yiwu!


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