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Why sourcing only online is not enough?

How do you think, what is the easiest way to find a supplier? Of course, you think about the internet - find the website of the supplier, contact him - buy what you need to buy.

Let me tell you that when you want to find products in China, a manufacturer in China - web resources is not enough. 

sourcing products service

You can't find all the Chinese manufacturers online

Sounds strange, but a large number of manufacturers in China even doesn't have a simple website. Moreover, doesn't use any online selling platform (like or other).

This means you will never find them just using only the Internet. 

Can't believe? Imagine, for example, Datang - sock city in Zhejiang province. In this town located around 8 000 factories which makes only one product - socks and tights. Also, they have unique sock market in Datang, and it's huge.

Now, try to find manufacturers of socks in China on Internet. Just try using Google, try to find on and other services. How many factories can you find? Maybe one hundred? I think no more.

However, who did you find? Manufacturers or just trading companies which resell sock from the producers? Of course, more than 50% will be trading reselling companies.

Where are the other 7 900 factories? Yes, right, they do not have any website. They just sit in sock city and waiting for customers. Alternatively, trying to ask there friends and partners, trading companies and export agents to sell their product!

That was an example. You should consider, that every type of product from China will show you almost the same result - you cannot find most of the manufacturers using only Internet.

You can't find all the products from China in the web

There is the same situation with products. Do you think manufacturers will show you all of their goods online? No way!

Why? Very simple - they create a new product, new design, new anything. If they put just a picture of it on the web - others will copy. Moreover, from this moment they do not have the unique product. 

Here is the example for you. I know one good factory of Christmas decorations. They make beautiful items. Can you guess how they sell their products? Make good looking website? Put all of their items on The answer is no.

They have only "shop" - showroom in Yiwu Market. Only, and nothing else!

When I talk with the owner of this factory I asked about her way of selling and finding new customers:

1. They have showroom in Yiwu Market. It's divided into two parts - room for everyone, where you can make photo of the items. And other room - with new, this year Christmas items. They looks very nice! But you can't make photos. Also, they will not send any pictures to your email. You just can see them only in this showroom. Make order - get it. No order - why you need pictures? You will never see new items pictures, only samples.

2. They never attend any trade fair - too expensive, they do not make that much profit to afford those expenses. You will never find this factory in any trade fair.

3. They do not have a website. So they do not use or other similar services. They cannot show the items - no any use from the site!

Why don't they want to show new items? Easy - other factories will copy them immidiatly! So they spend so many time to create this design, make samples, show to customers - they expect that customer will like it and buy only from them. No other factory have these items - they are unique.

Many manufacturers are doing business in the same style. You need to come, and they will show you the samples - you can place the order. They are afraid to show new items to everyone - easy to copy.

You can't get the best prices

This is simple. If you have never been in China, just found some supplier online - you will get higher prices automatically. 

Vendors think that you do not know the local market, and they want to make more profit from you. They are right - you do not know the local market if you did not visit China.

If you come, see the markets, showrooms, fairs, special product making cities - you can compare the prices and talk more professional, explain why the price is high. Alternatively, just find the new good supplier with the great price.

It's not 100% safe - fraud is the common thing 

Many people believe in what they see on the website - factory pictures, product photos, some certificates photo, anything else - and just send money. Never get anything back - no money, no product! Fraud.

Remember, anybody can put any pictures on the website. If you want to make a big order - check your supplier in real life first. Ask local export agent, or come yourself and know each other. Never send money without that kind of inspection.

Example. Once one guy sends me an email, ask to buy some GPU from "manufacturer" in China. Because we are the export agent company - we help to buy securely. After checking this vendor, we realize, that this company not exist! 

They just have a website, photo of the warehouse, photo of the goods and very nice prices. Nothing of those exist in real life.

I told this buyer - sorry we cannot buy from this vendor, it is fraud. Did the buyer believe us? No. He told something like "you just don't want to buy from the good supplier with lowest prices in China, you want to recommend me other with the higher price and make money!".

Finally, he sent money himself to that seller. Never get anything back. After that call us and ask how to return his money... Impossible to return, nobody can help. Be aware of fraud and incredibly low prices.

Professional sourcing products service

We can help to source for products and manufacturers professionally. Not just search online, like other export agents. As you can see from the web, you can get only the small part of information.

We search for the goods and manufacturers in the markets, and we get information from trade fairs, we go to special cities (like sock town and others), we search in our database of suppliers. You will get real manufacturer with real prices, and maybe the products which nobody else has.

We also help you with the business trip to China - this is the best way to find and meet your suppliers.


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