Purchasing and export agent service in Yiwu.

Professional purchasing agent in Yiwu city, China - one company for the whole export process - searching for products and suppliers, guide-translator in Yiwu Markets and towns nearby, payments to suppliers, quality control and inspection, shipping and much more - all you need for safe and comfortable sourcing from the Yiwu Market!

Purchasing Agent in Yiwu

Why do you need an export agent in Yiwu?

There are many reasons to find a good purchasing agent in Yiwu before placing the orders:

  • We provide you with guide translator in Yiwu Markets and while visiting nearby cities and factories. 
  • We will accumulate all the data while you in China - product photos and prices, suppliers and contacts - after the visit, you will possess all the data for easy decision making and analyzing.
  • We help with sighing the contracts with suppliers, placing the orders as it needed to be done in China. Minimize any risk of misunderstanding and fraud.
  • You can use our vast warehouse - for storing and checking the goods.
  • We do quality and quantity control, inspection. Resolve any troubles with suppliers. No more money lose on quality and quantity mistakes.
  • We help with documents and shipping.
  • We will teach how to work with suppliers, how to find best prices and quality, how to visit unique cities full of factories, not only markets. This knowledge you will never get anywhere else.

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1. Travel assistance.

Of course, you can travel to Yiwu by yourself. But we can help you to save money on this trip.

Invitation for applying Chinese business visa, recommend you the best way to China - to which city take a flight first, help you reach Yiwu, transfer from airports and train stations, hotel booking in Yiwu with discount and much more.

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2. Visit planning, schedule.

Our target - save your time in Yiwu and spend it as useful as it is possible. That's why we need to do some preparations before your business trip.

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3. Purchasing agent in Yiwu, guide in Yiwu markets.

We will guide you to important places. Yiwu markets are enormous. You really need a guide here to find directions. It's even more important when we will need to visit factories outside the market or Yiwu city.

Translation. Only nearly 10% of the supplier's staff speaks English.

Help with negotiations, collecting the data, making agreements and order papers.

There are 3 different ways to work together in Yiwu, read more about them on this page>>

4. Payments to suppliers, collecting the goods

Orders placed, we need to pay. How to do it? 

Most suppliers in Yiwu don't have an export license. That means they can receive only RMB, not the USD from abroad.

That is the reason why we need you to pay money to our bank account, and after we will pay to suppliers. We ready to accept different kinds of payments - L/C, T/T, Western Union.

Most customers are using this procedure:

Pay 30% deposit when the order is placed

Another 70% balance when we ready to collect goods from the supplier

Because after quality/quantity control some problems with real quantity can occur. For example, we've ordered 100 pcs, but after QC can accept only 78 pcs - so we will pay just for 78 pcs. There is no reason to pay for items, that we can not take.

5. Warehousing and quality control in Yiwu.

We will collect the goods from suppliers. Mostly it is right decision to consolidate them at our warehouse in Yiwu. 

But sometimes it's better to check the goods directly at the factory. In this case, mostly, a full container would be shipped from factory to Ningbo or Shanghai port, no need to use our warehouse.

After receiving the goods, we will do quality control, quantity control. Only items that meet all the requirements will be accepted.

About our quality control in few words.

Usually, we check 10% of cartons, chosen randomly. But the number can be increased on request.

On each box, that we've checked, we put the individual label. So you will know for sure which boxes have been reviewed. If any problems with those boxes - it is only our fault (but it's never happened before). 

Of course, different items must be checked in different ways. For example, Christmas electric garland needs to be turned on for 24 hours, only then you will know that it works right. 

Every time we're asking our customers to give us the particular methods to check the quality. And always following instructions, our customers always sure that inspection's done correctly.

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6. Preparing of the legal documents and transportation of the goods.

 As your purchasing agent in Yiwu, we'll prepare all the necessary documents for the customs clearance. Also, we will help you to get those documents from China. 

 Shipping. We are working with many shipping lines - MSC, APL, PPL. Can help you ship goods to any port all around the world. Not only FCL, but small shipment LCL as well.  


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