"Binwang" night market in Yiwu, China

Most people come to Yiwu to visit the International Wholesale Market. Of course, on the first day of their visit, they learn about the existence of a "night market". Perhaps I can buy goods in bulk on the night market too? Maybe at night the prices are better? Actually, everything is not quite so.

yiwu night marketYiwu night market

What's the "night market" in Yiwu?

"Night Market" is a typical Asian phenomenon. You can find night markets in China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The night market in Yiwu is not unique in this sense.

In fact, Yiwu has a lot of night markets in different parts of the city every night. It's just that the Binwang market is the largest of them. For this reason, all tourists are recommended to visit it - to immerse themselves in the local Asian atmosphere.

During the day, it's just a street, there are no tents with street food and no clothes dealers. It's an ordinary, unremarkable street. Everything changes at night - from around 8 p.m. onwards, the street turns into one huge retail market.

The Chinese in Yiwu often work until late at night, almost without days off. The only entertainment and communication for locals is to visit the night market. Here you can eat in a street cafe with friends, buy cheap clothes, shoes, and home furnishings.

It is not a wholesale market - it is just a street retail market. 

yiwu night marketBinwang night market in Yiwu

Street food

This variety of street food is nowhere else in town. Here one can find all kinds of dishes from different parts and provinces of China.

Fried chicken and duck, noodles, rice. Fried bananas. Pork, beef, lamb - boiled, fried, smoked, dried. If you want to taste the food that is cooked by the Chinese for the Chinese - definitely come to the night market.

Don't be afraid to get intoxicated - the food is always fresh. Cooking may not look very neat according to European standards - but you have to understand that this is China. This is exactly how they cook here. 

Street food in Yiwu night marketStreet food in Yiwu night market

Clothes and footwear

The night market is just full of clothes and shoes at fantastically low prices. 

Sellers often buy their goods at local factories - these are the remnants of large wholesale orders from customers. Factories simply have nowhere to put them - they sell them at any price. Night market vendors take advantage of this, providing very low prices for consumers.

Clothes, shoes, T-shirts, shirts, flip-flops, jeans - here you can find everything. Don't be too picky about the quality of the goods - the quality is quite consistent with the price. Often you can find very decent things at a price of just a few dollars. 

Yiwu night market - clothingYiwu night market - clothing

Electronics and souvenirs

Among the clothes and shoes in the night market you can find various electronics and souvenirs. All this also costs very cheaply, but no one guarantees the quality - in the next day, no one will take the faulty thing back.

Yiwu night market - electronicsYiwu night market - electronics

Phone repair, tattoos, nails.

In the night market you can find used cell phone dealers and smartphone repairmen. Is it worth saying once again that iPhone repair will cost only a few dozen dollars here?

Chinese women from the local communities come here to make new nails, eyebrows and hairstyles. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money in beauty salons - in the night market the same thing will be done, but cheaper.

Even tattoos are being made here, right on the street! I strongly advise you not to take such a risk.

Yiwu night marketYiwu night market

Cheap copies of famous brands

Everywhere in the night market you can find fakes for well-known brands - clothes, shoes, jewelry.

But the biggest attraction is the watches. For 15 - 20 dollars you can buy a cheap copy of Rolex, it's a day-to-day reality of the night market in Yiwu.

In the picture below you can see the sales pitch of a watches. There are cheap, unnecessary watches on the wall. Do you see black boxes near the seller? They contain copies of watches of well-known brands. They are shown only to real buyers behind closed curtains.

The police generally don't give a damn about these fakes, never saw a raid on the night market.

Yiwu night market - watchesYiwu night market - watches

How to find the night market in Yiwu

The night market is located in the heart of the city, right in front of the Ejon Intercontinental Hotel 

Use the mark on the map or show the taxi driver the address in Chinese: 


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