How to buy kinetic sand in bulk from China

As you probably know, "kinetic sand" is a registered trademark, this product is produced by the Canadian company Spin Master. Original kinetic sand can only be bought from them.

But, in China there are copies of kinetic sand, which are almost no different from the original. How to find manufacturers and buy directly from them at the best prices?

Is it legal to sell copies of kinetic sand?

Yeah, it's pretty legal. Manufacturers in China do not use the trademark "kinetic sand" - sand being sold under a different name. Here's how one of the Chinese manufacturers calls a similar product "Moving sand":

moving sand in bucket

Here's another example - the sand here is called "Royal play sand kit":

royal play sand kit

There's a lot of brands out there. You can specify your own trade name, create your own brand of kinetic sand - manufacturers in China will be happy to make a product according to your requirements.

What about the formula? Is kinetic sand patented? Yes, there are patents for kinetic sand, you can't sell under your brand an absolutely similar product.

But manufacturers in China are changing the formula a little to avoid claims from the right holder. You can easily sell such sand without fear of being sued. Everything is legal.

Is such "modified" sand safe? Yes, it is quite safe, Chinese factories have all the necessary technologies, the product is easily certified in the U.S. and European countries.

Where can I find kinetic sand manufacturers in China?

It so happens that the production of kinetic sand, slides and other similar things is concentrated in the city of Jinhua and its surroundings. Zhejiang Province. This is where you should be looking for your Chinese manufacturing partner. Even the original kinetic sand for Spin Master is being produced here.

The best way to do this is to come to Yiwu, visit the International Trade City in Yiwu. It's the largest exhibition in the world that never ends - it is open all year round without a weekend, except for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Here you can find the showrooms of kinetic sand makers and other toys as well. In total, Yiwu has about 3000 toy showrooms available.

Any toy manufacturer will be pleased to invite you to their factory, where you can learn about the production process, look at all the samples, judge the technological processes. Photo from the production line of kinetic sand in Yiwu:

kinetic sand bulk

If you want to know more, visit Yiwu, start wholesale purchases of toys from China directly from manufacturers - contact us. As a professional export agent, we help customers from all over the world to start a business with China, inspect the product before shipment, deal with all organizational issues, and prepare all the necessary documents for export. Our contacts are below:


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