10 Tips to Help you Find a Hotel in Yiwu

It should be easy find a hotel in any particular city? But if we are talking about China, and about the city of Yiwu in China - there are some important things you need to know about the hotels here. So, here we go, ten tips for finding a hotel in Yiwu:

find a hotel in yiwuView from Sanding Hotel in Yiwu

1. Use only international booking websites

You may already be familiar with many of them - booking.com, agoda.com, trivago.com and many others. You can use any of these websites You will not have any problems, and hotels listed on these international websites will be happy to accommodate you.

If your Chinese friend tells you that Chinese booking websites are better, be very careful. Not all the hotels listed on Chinese booking websites will accept foreigners. Only Chinese citizens are allowed to stay in some of the hotels in China.


2. You need to be careful if you stay in an apartment or an unlicensed hotel.

Every foreigner must register with the local police in Yiwu. This Is not necessary in every city in China, but it is in Yiwu. It is the law. If you are staying in a licensed hotel which can accept foreigners, the hotel will automatically register you with police - you don't need to do anything, which is another good reason only to stay in licensed hotels which are allowed to accept foreigners.

Of course, it is a different situation if you want to stay in a friend’s home, for example, or are renting an apartment using airbnb.com. In these instances, you must go to the local police station and register with them, informing them where you will be staying.

Police will register you providing you have the following documents with you - passport with a valid visa, airplane or train ticket (proving how you traveled to Yiwu?), photo and, most important - proof of where you are staying – lease, rental agreement, etc. If the property owner does not provide you with any official documentation, the police will not register you.

If you are not registered with the police and they subsequently "catch" you in the street, you will be fined $100.00 and you will also be forced to stay in the police station for between 4 and 12 hours (similar to short-term arrest).


yiwu policePolice vehicles in Yiwu city

3. Pay attention to your hotel location or where you have chosen to stay

Most visitors who come to Yiwu do so because of Yiwu Market. This may well be your primary "working place." The closer to Yiwu Market you live - the less time and money (taxi fares) you will waste.

Here you can see a map of Yiwu from Booking.com, so let's take a look:

There is no reason to stay near the airport or train station – after all, during your visit you will only go there twice - when you arrive in Yiwu and when you leave. As you can see on the map, most of the hotels in Yiwu are located close to Yiwu Market. It always makes most sense to choose a hotel which is close to the district where you will be spending most of your time.

Let's take a closer look at this map:

Numbers from 1 to 5 on the map indicate the individual districts of Yiwu Market. If you have come to Yiwu to buy toys, for example, it's better to stay near District 1. Check in advance which district of the Yiwu Market you are most likely to be visiting, then find a hotel nearby. Yes, Yiwu Market is huge. Walking from District 1 to District 4 may take you between 15-20 minutes.

On the map, you can see "Night Market." This is not a wholesale market. However, all the nightlife in Yiwu is accumulated in this area – there are many places to eat, go shopping, and there are plenty of bars. If you want to stay in a vibrant area near Yiwu Market and you want to enjoy the ambiance of a bustling Asian nightlife where you can have some fun - you can choose a hotel near the Night Market. Remember – just be aware that Night Market area does not sleep until the morning light - it's not a quiet place late at night.

"Yiwu Business Area" identified on the map - skyscrapers, 5-star hotels, shopping malls, and office buildings. If you want to stay at an excellent hotel - choose this area. It is close to Yiwu Market as well.

4. Be ready to pay a deposit at your hotel

Every hotel in Yiwu will ask you to pay a deposit, which they will return to you after check-out. If you damage or break any hotel property, they will use this deposit to recover any loss. Treat your hotel room with respect and you will have no problems.

Deposits vary from 10% to 50% of the total hotel charge, it will depend on the standard of the hotel. For most of you who come to Yiwu for the first time, this is a big surprise. However, don't worry - deposits are always promptly returned if nothing has been damaged.

5. There is little difference between a 1-star and a 3-star hotel

It may surprise you to learn, but there is almost no difference between a 1-star and a 3-star hotel - so you can choose the cheapest one if you want to save some cash.

If you want to live in a more luxurious hotel - choose a 4-star and 5-star hotel. The cost of a room in a 5-star hotel is still less than $100.00 per night as hotel prices in Yiwu are tremendous value.

6. Be ready to pay cash

Please be aware that not all hotels in Yiwu accept bank cards like Visa and Mastercard. It sounds crazy, but it's true. In China, people use a local card - Union Pay - which is accepted everywhere.

Be prepared for the situation when your Platinum Visa won’t be accepted in Yiwu. The solution is to carry some cash with you.

some cash

7. Prepare yourself for the awful breakfasts

If you stay in 1 - 4-star hotel in Yiwu - be prepared for a poor breakfast. A large number of our customers complain about the breakfasts in hotels - but there is nothing we can do. All Westerners have to accept this problem.

Breakfast in these hotels comprises only Chinese food, which most Western people don't like. You will find tofu, black eggs and unusual vegetables, often too spicy and all with a peculiar taste - this is how our customers describe their breakfasts in these hotels. However, maybe you will be lucky, or perhaps this type of food appeals to you, even at breakfast time.

5-star hotels are very different - they provide a VERY NICE breakfast.

Breakfast in Chinese hotelThe best breakfasts are served in 5-star hotels in Yiwu

8. Be careful with the "special service" offers in your hotel

I'm 100% sure that you will find one of these "business cards" pushed under your room door. They are offering you a "special service" - girls for one hour or one night.

I recommend you never call these numbers and never "order" a girl to come to your hotel room. China is not Thailand - prostitution is a crime here. Don’t forget, the hotel automatically registers you with the local police and you are responsible for anything illegal that happens in your room. Do you want to spend a few days in jail or pay a fine? I don't think so.

I have heard many terrible stories about these girls. For example, she will come to your room and then claim you raped her. She will even injure herself. They are very convincing ‘actresses’. After that she will call the police or her friends – and you will get into BIG trouble. I know people who have paid $5,000 - $10,000 to these girls so as not to be reported to the police.


chinese prostitute business cardsYou will find these pushed under your door in almost in every hotel

9. Only 15% of hotel staff speak any English

Yes, in Yiwu 85% of the hotel staff can't speak English. Of course, you can always use a translation app on your phone to help you communicate with them. Even if they can speak a few words of English, it is unlikely they will understand what you are saying to them. They often just rehearse a few words to make you feel more welcome.


Chinese girlThey will smile all the time, but it is more than likely they will not understand a single word you say.

10. Best hotel choice - international hotel chains (Marriott, Shangri-La and others)

All the "interesting" things I have mentioned on this page don’t happen in 5-star hotels, especially international chain 5-star hotels like the Marriott or Shangri-La.

If you want to avoid any problems - choose a 5-star hotel. Prices are very affordable in Yiwu, so you can get a room in 5-star hotel for $100.00, or even less. It also means you will spend your time in Yiwu enjoying maximum comfort and personal safety.

Yiwu Marriott hotelYiwu Marriott Hotel - skyscraper in the middle



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