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5 Reasons To Change Your Export Agent In China

Whether you have just started up a new business or already have an established relationship with an export agent in China, here are five very good reasons why you should consider changing your export agent.

1.       Continual price increases

Chinese export agents will do their very best to attract you with a very low early price for products, often one that is below the cost charged by the manufacturer, simply to ‘hook you’ as a customer. However, as time progresses and you place more and more orders with them, little by little (and sometimes not so little) they will increase the cost. The manufacturer won’t have put the price up, but many disreputable shipping agents will seize any opportunity possible to increase their profit.

Here at Sinamax we are far more transparent, and our reputation is founded on operating in a wholly professional and ethical manner at all times. With Sinamax, the price you pay for goods we source will remain the same, unless the manufacturer increases them, and we will provide all the necessary documentation so that you know we are still acting in your best interests.

2.       They are working on a very low commission

There is an expression “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. This applies particularly to export agents in China who charge ridiculously low commission rates for their services. We are aware that some of these agents charge as little as 1% and even 0%, but have you ever wondered how these agents stay in business?

The answer is simple – they are not acting in your best interests but their own. They will be making plenty of money out of you, usually through ‘kickbacks’ and ‘under the table’ payments. You would expect to pay a reasonable fee for a first-class service such as that provided by Sinamax.

3.       They won’t deal with anyone other than suppliers they recommend

Have you ever suggested you’d like to get a quote from a supplier and been advised not to, but given the name of another supplier instead? This is quite a common occurrence in China.

Various export agents have ‘arrangements’ with specific suppliers so that they can earn an extra commission from the supplier as well as you. In truth you will be paying both commissions as the supplier will have already increased their price to cover the cost of the shipping agent’s ‘kickback’. If your shipping agent refuses to use a specific supplier but cannot provide you with a valid reason why not, then now you know why.

4.       They charge extra fees for even the smallest request

In China, suppliers and shipping agents are flexible and adaptable. Those who are genuine want you to buy their products or use their services again. If you want to change the size of an order, the costs should be adjusted accordingly, but there should be no huge fee for adjusting an order.

If you want individually designed labels attached to products, you should only be looking at around 0.1RMB a unit, not an extra 10% on top of the order value. Unscrupulous shipping agents will look to make money from you at every opportunity. Here at Sinamax we are here to help you, not bankrupt you!

5.       Your agent has made a mistake, but refuses to pay for it

Let’s face it, very occasionally mistakes are made. If you order too many of a product, you must expect to pay for your mistake. The same applies to your shipping agent. If your shipping agent makes a mistake and refuses to pay to rectify the situation, it’s time to find an agent who not only is unlikely to make a mistake, but one who will put their reputation on the line when making amends for any mistake made.

The same applies for on-time shipment and quality control. If we charge a fee and guarantee you will receive goods of an acceptable quality by a specific date, that is exactly what you are paying for. If we fail to get the supplier to deliver on time, or you are sent faulty goods, we take full responsibility and will ensure you are fully compensated.

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