China Wholesale Christmas Decorations

If you are looking for wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers in China, planning to start sourcing directly from China, there are 2 main places to find them:

1. Find suppliers in Yiwu Market, in Yiwu city.

2. Canton fair in Guangzhou.

Christmas decorations wholesale in Yiwu

Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Market) - never-ending international trade fair. Always open, without holidays (except Chinese new year). Wholesale Christmas decorations is a powerful industry in Yiwu. Unbelievable but truth - more than 70% of all the Christmas decorations in the World are made in Yiwu.

There are more than 600 show-rooms of different Christmas products including Christmas lights, Christmas trees, tinsel, bells, bows, figurines and so on.

You can find lower prices in Yiwu because competition here is high, many small factories trying to find customers. 

Best and only way to buy wholesale Christmas decorations from Yiwu - visit, and choose. Most suppliers even do not have a price-list or catalog, do not have a website. Only samples in their showrooms and they are changing year by year, new designs, new modes, new colors. 

Of course, you can create own items, or change the packing, your brand and design. Every factory provides services like that. Sometimes for additional payment, sometimes for free, if your order is big enough. 

china wholesale christmas decorations

Places to visit in Yiwu to purchase Christmas decorations

1. Yiwu Market. District 1. Sector A and B, floor number 3 and 4.

Here you can find hundreds of manufacturers of the Christmas decorations. Small showrooms on the third floor, who are selling cheap items mostly; and big beautiful showrooms on the fourth floor. On the fourth level, you can enter into the "secret rooms" - nobody allowed to take photos or video there. In those secret rooms, you can find newest items, created for current Christmas season.

2. "Christmas decorations street" in Yiwu.

Yiwu Market not big enough (even it's most significant building in the world), not all of the manufacturers can rent a place there. Most of them located in the "Christmas Street" in Yiwu, NOT inside the market building. If you come to Yiwu, you definitely should visit "Christmas street" - you can find hundreds of manufacturers there, millions of Christmas decoration items. And also some of them have their "secret rooms" with newest items.

china wholesale christmas decorations

Vendors in Yiwu - resellers or manufacturers?

95% manufacturers. Most of them - small factories, not huge ones. You can find big professional rich companies - with designers staff, with "secret rooms," those who can afford to attend international trade fairs, of course.

But take a closer look at small manufacturers - maybe not all of their items incredibly beautiful and new, but they can give you the best prices.

Anyway, if you come to Yiwu, you will make a deal with manufacturers, not resellers or trading companies. Nowhere in the world, you can find such a large number of Christmas decorations manufacturers in one place.

Minimum order quantity

Remember, in Yiwu vendors doing a wholesale business, not retail. You will never be able to buy only one piece. All that you see in showrooms - just a samples, for you to choose, to check the quality.

Minimum order quantity is a discussable thing - you can buy only one carton if a vendor agrees. But most of them will ask you to order five boxes of one particular item. Be ready for this.

Minimum order quantity also will increase if you want to make your design or packing.

Prices - is it profitable to buy Christmas decorations from Yiwu?

I want to ask you to believe in my word - in Yiwu; you will find the best prices in the world for Christmas decorations. There is just no other place to find better prices.

It doesn't make any sense to give you examples because there are millions of different items. If you want to know prices - let us know, send a message.

When is the best time to visit Yiwu in order to purchase Christmas decorations?

Best time to place orders - from April to July. After Chinese New Year, which in February, manufacturers coming back to work with new samples, new designs, new items and new prices.

If you place order for Christmas decoration items in spring and summer, manufacturers will have enough time to make your product, you will have enough time to ship the goods to your country, and you will be ready to sell the goods to your customers just in time - before Christmas season start.

Strongly not recommend you to visit in autumn and winter - all the suppliers already busy with current orders, and started to change products - switch to Chinese style new year decorations - there is massive demand from the local market also.

We can help you with the visit and purchase from Yiwu Market. All kinds of services you need - travel assistance, market guide, translator, quality and quantity control, warehouse and many more. Contact us for more details!

Canton fair in Guangzhou

Canton fair in Guangzhou is being held every year, twice, in April and October. It's biggest and most popular international fair in China. 

It's an excellent place to find suppliers and new products. In booths you can see the samples, every supplier represents their new items. Also, you can place the orders directly in the booth, discuss the details.  

What it the difference between purchasing in Yiwu? In Canton fair much more less, hundreds of times less supply. Not every manufacturer can afford to attend this show - it quite expensive.

What is a good part? In Canton Fair, you will meet the most prominent manufacturers and most interesting new designs. But, most of the vendors in Canton fair came from Yiwu, so here you can find the same.

Visit official Canton fair website, to know more -


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