China wholesale goods - our professional experience and useful information

On this page, we will share information about a wide range of China wholesale goods. This is not just a random list - the only type of products that we already know very well and can provide you with professional help.

How and where to buy, what to expect from purchase, tips, and hints. It's not about online stores, not about the trading companies or resellers - we will tell you how to buy directly from manufacturers and get best prices, not wasting your time. 


Where to buy toys wholesale? Yiwu Market - more than 3000 suppliers, Shantou showrooms - around 8000 toy factories in Shantou, international trade fairs in Guangzhou and Shanghai - choose your best destination. Read more about toys wholesale purchase from China>>

Christmas Decorations

More than 70% of the Christmas decorations in the world made in Yiwu. If you want to get the best prices directly from manufacturers - Yiwu Market is your best option. Read more about Christmas decorations wholesale>>

Fashion Jewelry

Yiwu is the worlds "capital" of fashion jewelry. Here you can find more than 5000 suppliers, millions of samples. And best prices in the world, of course. Read more about fashion jewelry wholesale from China>>

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes wholesale directly from manufacturers? Yiwu Market is your best destination. Hundreds of suppliers, low prices and high quality, all kinds of gift boxes. Read more about gift boxes wholesale purchase>>


Binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes. Famous manufacturers and creating of your brand - anything is possible. Read more>>

We can help you to buy wholesale goods from China, one company for the whole export process. Read more about our agent services on this page>> 



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