Wholesale fashion jewelry from China - how and where to buy?

Wholesale fashion jewelry - 90% comes from China. If you are doing already or thinking about to start your fashion jewelry business - I will give you directions in this article.

We are not talking about online stores, not talking about trading companies with crazy high prices. We want to tell you only about the best and high margin wholesale fashion jewelry deals in the world.

Two fashion jewelry cities in China - Yiwu and Guangzhou

Forget about an online purchase or distant orders. Come to China, find suppliers, meet the factories. Only in this way, you will get the best prices and high margin.

Where to go? You need to choose between two jewelry cities - Yiwu or Guangzhou. No other options.

Guangzhou. Most famous trading city in China. In the past, there was probably the only place to buy wholesale fashion jewelry. In Guangzhou, you can find several markets (they are old), hundreds of suppliers. However, you will meet some troubles - markets located not in one place, not so easy to find. Also, the biggest problem is - prices are high. 

Yiwu. From 2007 Yiwu became the jewelry capital of the world! Biggest wholesale fashion jewelry market in the world - Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Market). More than 5000 suppliers in one place. You cannot find the lowest prices in another location - Yiwu offer you the great deals.

Wholesale fashion jewelry in Yiwu International Market

Nearly 70% of all the fashion jewelry in the world has the origin in Yiwu, China. Yiwu is the "capital" of the fashion jewelry in China, thanks to Yiwu International Trade City - Futian wholesale market.

What is the Yiwu International Market and how it works? It is never-ending international trade fair. So here is more than 5 000 booth of fashion jewelry, accessories, and jewelry parts. Always open - no holidays, no weekends (except Chinese New Year). 

No other country and no other city in China have something as huge as Yiwu market. If you are interested in wholesale fashion jewelry, no doubt this is the best place to buy in the world.

Fashion jewelry is the most important market in Yiwu. In 2015 new district - District 1 East has been built in Yiwu. Add more booths with fashion jewelry, accessories, and jewelry parts.

China wholesale fashion jewelryYiwu International Trade City (Futian wholesale market). District 1, main gates.

Why you should buy wholesale jewelry in Yiwu Market

There are so many reasons, let me try to tell you some of them.

First of all, you will never find so many fashion jewelry suppliers in one place. More than 5 000 booths, can you imagine that? Yiwu Market give you a good choice of fashion jewelry.

Best prices in the world. When there are thousands of competitors around you, little difficult to give your customers high price, isn't it? Yes, no other city or market can give you so great deals in price. 

Easy to choose and easy to buy. With the good export agent, of course. You can buy stock, can order your unique designs, it is straightforward to do. All the fashion jewelry in one place - just stay in the hotel near the District 1 of Yiwu Market, and walk just 5 minutes to all the jewelry in Yiwu. Convenient.

Always something new. Every time you visit Yiwu Market - you will find thousands of new items in fashion jewelry area. Expositions are changing almost every day.

Not only fashion jewelry - jewelry parts, hair accessories and much more. Moreover, we are not speaking about other goods in Yiwu Market - actually, you can find anything here. Souvenirs, clothes, toys, tableware - anything you can imagine.

You do not need lots of money to visit Yiwu. The most expensive thing that you will buy - airplane ticket to China and back. Hotel prices from just $15 per night, food, taxi, everything - cheap. Yiwu Market is free to visit.

Factories. You want to create your design or packing? It is not a problem. There not just trading companies, but actual manufacturers - give them any order.

I am sure you will find much more your reasons to revisit Yiwu Market.

District 1 East, Yiwu MarketDistrict 1 East, Yiwu Market

What kind of jewelry you can find in Yiwu?

Simple answer - any kinds of jewelry! Everything that exists in fashion jewelry - all you can buy in Yiwu.

For any use: head and hair ornaments, necklaces and sets, bracelets, rings, body piercing jewelry, ankle bracelets, any kinds of amulets, and much more.

What materials? Also an extensive range. You can find jewelry made of different types of alloys, made of silver and silver plated, made of stainless steel, wood, stones.

Different styles - western style, Indian style, Chinese, or you can just order some items with your design - no problem.

Also, you can find jewelry parts like chains, crystals, stones and much more.

Silver jewelry showroom, inside Distric 1 of Yiwu MarketSilver jewelry showroom, inside Distric 1 of the Yiwu Market

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity (or MOQ) mostly 12 pcs - one design, one color, for example, 12 same rings, in one box. Sometimes it 24, rarely - 36 pcs. This quantity minimum for stock items. In every showroom you can see boxes or bags on the shelves, on the floor - these items in stock, you can buy it and take at the moment.

However, for some items, MOQ is bigger - one carton, or sometimes even more. It is because factory needs to produce them for you, no stock right now.

Yiwu Market is a wholesale market, so be ready to buy in bulk, wholesale quantity. Nobody will sell you only one piece, or price would be like regular retail price - higher.

Fashion jewelry factory showroom, District 1 East, Yiwu MarketFashion jewelry factory showroom, District 1 East, Yiwu Market. Every item in this showroom is unique, just imagine thousands of showrooms like this.

Start now - we can help

Already want to visit Yiwu and buy wholesale fashion jewelry? Contact us for more details, and we can help!

We will help with visa and travel to Yiwu; we will assist you in Yiwu Market (guide-translator). We will help with making the list of goods. We will place orders and arrange payments. 

Quality control and inspection - on our side. You will never receive wrong items or lose money.

Any other ideas? Just tell us, let's start to do business together!


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