China wholesale binoculars - how and where to buy?

Good idea to buy from China wholesale binoculars. Suppliers here can give you exactly what you want - lower price, high quality and a wide range of binocular types. And of course - make it with your logo, your brand, your packing - exactly like you want it to look like.

Most of the famous brands binoculars being produced in China - Barr and Stroud, Nikon, Canon and many more. So why worry about quality? Why you can't make your own brand? Just choose a good supplier.

So, how to buy, how to find wholesale binoculars in China?

china wholesale binocularsBinocular supplier showroom in Yiwu Market

Where you can find wholesale suppliers and manufacturers

1) Online. You can search on websites like, for example. Plenty of suppliers, manufacturers has their pages on Alibaba. Purchasing from this website, and other similar websites a little bit risky - you can receive a wrong item, cheap item, or not receive anything at all. So be careful, choose only good, trustworthy suppliers. Most buyers use Alibaba only like some kind of address book - find contacts, and after coming to China to know them personally, only after that - place order.

2) Fairs. A lot of fairs related to optics products, outdoor goods, hunting, fishing being held in China every year. So you can visit some of them, to know some good suppliers, trading companies, factories. For example, Canton fair, in April and October each year - you can find binoculars there.

3) Yiwu Market. This is never ending fair, the biggest wholesale market in the world, where thousands of suppliers from all over the China have showrooms. One of the best ways to buy wholesale from China. Market open every day, no holidays and weekends (except Chinese new year, of course).

Now more details about wholesale binoculars in Yiwu Market, China:

China wholesale binoculars in Yiwu Market

As we noticed before, Yiwu Market looks and works like never ending fair. It's very convenient - you can visit Yiwu any time you want - always open. 

How many suppliers of binoculars can you find in Yiwu? Around 50, maybe even more. All of them has showrooms with plenty of samples. How does it look like? See few pictures below:

China wholesale binoculars
China wholesale binoculars

Here you can discuss all the details, and place an order. Minimum quantity, quality, type of packing, your logo, sizes, color, time of shipping, how many cbm and weight your order will be and everything else you need. Staff in showrooms ready to answer all questions. Just one issue - they mostly speak only Chinese, get ready to find a translator.

Of course, you can find any kinds of optics in Yiwu Market - binoculars, night vision devices, spotting scopes, telescopes. Find quality and price that match your target - easy to do it here.

But I don't think that you need only binoculars, am I right? Most buyers who doing business in binoculars also purchasing a wide range of products for outdoor, hunting, hiking, tourism, fishing. When you'll come to Yiwu, you can find several hundred suppliers, manufacturers of this type of goods. As I told you before, Yiwu is a very convenient place to buy wholesale from China.

How we can help

I hope you not going to buy alone? It's quite difficult. As the professional export agent we can help you with purchase:

- Travel assistant, invitation letter, book hotel, meet in airport/train station. 

- Yiwu Market guide - translation, negotiations, notes, photos, price list, order list.

- Help with orders - place order, payments, collecting the goods in the warehouse before shipping, quality and quantity control, resolve any problems with suppliers if they occur, before your goods will leave China.

And much more. With us, you will be sure that you will not lose your money and time, not receive wrong goods, not become a victim of any kind of fraud.

If you can't come to China - we can help to purchase goods remotely. Make a price list, market report for you. But the best way - come to Yiwu, check samples and discuss details by yourself.

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