China Toys Wholesale.
How And Where To Buy?

If you are looking for wholesale toys from China, the best way to buy - visit China, of course. Where to go? What is the best place to buy toys wholesale from China? You have a choice: 

Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Market) - more than 3000 vendors in one place.

Shantou Chenghai - toy city. More than 8 000 toy factories, huge and convenient showrooms.

Toy Fairs in China - good choice for the beginning.

Wholesale Toys in Yiwu - Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Market)

One of the best places in China to buy toys wholesale - Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Market). Here you can find more than 3 000 toy suppliers, in one place. How is it looks like? Like never ending Fair! No holidays, no day-off, open every day.

What kind of toys can you find here? Any toys - plush toys, plastic toys, toys for vending machines, rubber balls, slime, DIY sets, educational toys, Disney licensed toys, toys for boys and girls - anything you can imagine.

How about the prices? In Yiwu, you can find prices better than in Toy Fairs, or in trading companies, much lower. With Yiwu, prices can compare only prices in factories in Shantou. 

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)? In Yiwu, you can buy toys wholesale starting from just one carton! Difficult to find another place where you can buy so less and get wholesale prices.

Can you make your packing, design, or even your new toy? The answer is yes. Vendors in Yiwu Market offer you this opportunity. Order quantity should be higher, of course. Every your request on packing, design and other - suppliers ready to do.

Few photos from Yiwu Market toys area:

china toys wholesale
china toys wholesale
china toys wholesale

Wholesale Toys in Shantou Chenghai - Toy Factories Showrooms

If you want to buy wholesale toys from China, why not visit "toy-city" - Shantou? All city is making only one thing, which is toys. Around 8 000 factories (nobody can count exactly how many), more than 50% of toys in the whole world comes from Shantou. Yiwu Market, Toy Fairs in China - a big number of suppliers have connections in Shantou or simply have a factory there.

How to buy in Shantou Chenghai? Now you do not need to walk thru the streets and to find facilities. Just enter professional toy showrooms! It is massive, thousands of factories place their toys in the showroom to show it to buyers. Yes, it also looks like never ending toy fair, and they always open.

Quality? In Shantou you can mostly high-quality toys, almost all the manufacturers have EN-71 certificate and others. If you need high quality toys - Shantou is your right choice.

Prices are very nice. Who can give you the better price then factory itself? Also, Shantou is a city of toy factories, and you will buy directly. Comparing with Yiwu some prices can be higher - because of the quality, in Shantou, it is much higher.

Minimum order quantity usually is five cartons of one toy (can be mix color or other small difference, but the item will remain the same). Mostly factories here are waiting for big orders.

Moreover, of course, you can order your packing, your design, your toy and every other change - suppliers will accept every demand. 

Several photos from Shantou Chenghai showrooms:

china toys wholesale
china toys wholesale
china toys wholesale

Toy Fairs In China

For the beginning, visit Toy Trade Fairs in China is a good idea. So almost every of our partners who doing business in toys, visit Toy Fairs every year - just to look what new. However, most of them after visiting fairs saying that in Shantou or even in Yiwu they found better deals.

However, if you are doing business with toys, visit Toy Fairs - your must-do action. Here you can find factories and trading companies, which offer exciting and new toys.

What fairs should you visit in mainland China? We suggest two most popular:

Canton Fair in Guangzhou - held in April and October, twice a year. Divided into phases, choose those when toys being shown. Visit Canton Fair Official Website for more information. Alternatively, just contact us to get more details and arrange the business trip.

China Toy Expo in Shanghai. Great toy fair, the right choice. Being held in October annually. Official website>>

Have other smaller fairs, but we are sure, that this two Toy Fair is enough for every buyer. Think about visiting Toy Fairs in your country also - many Chinese suppliers attend the shows abroad.

What Is The Best Place To Buy?

It completely depends on you:

If you do not have time, or don't want to go "deep" inside toy market in China - visit Toy Fair will be enough. Here you can find many new items and meet new suppliers.

If you want high-quality toys, best prices from manufacturers directly - visit Shantou Chenghai showrooms. You will get an excellent choice; nice prices will meet manufacturers, visit factories. However, be ready to order one container at least - minimum order is five cartons of one toy.

Lowest price, small toys (like for vending machines), rubber toys, "not so good quality" toys - come to Yiwu Market. Low minimum order quantity - starts just from one carton. Low prices - but quality also lower, and maybe supplier does not have any certificates for toys. 

How We Can Help?

Need any help with export toys from China? Contact us.

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