Sourcing For Products And Manufacturers In China

One of the most frequent requests from our customers is to find a particular product (or product line) and reliable manufacturers in China.

Why is it so important? Can you source from China by yourself? And how are we doing it?

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Frequent mistakes and misleads in sourcing from China

You just started, or you have been already exporting some products from China for several years - it does not matter. People make the same mistakes in sourcing. 

Search products and manufacturers only online - on websites like, trading companies websites and so on. Fact - around 80% small and medium manufacturers do not have even a simple internet site, you will never find them on the web. Read more about why you should not search for products and manufacturers only online>

Never come to visit China. To find best prices, interesting new items, order your design, start producing your unique items - you need to visit China. Trading fairs at least. Markets in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shantou, Datang and other cities, or factories directly.

Get information only from Trade Fairs. If you want to find best prices - you need to go "deeper" to Chinese markets. Visit "special" cities (like sock-city Datang, 8 000 socks factories in a town, that few foreigners know), factories who never show their goods online, and never attend any fair.

Poor level of negotiations. Chinese suppliers can give you much more opportunities if you talk with them properly. Give discounts. Lower minimum order quantity. Make your design, your products. 

Why do you need a professional assistance in sourcing products from China?

If you lost in an unknown city, will you ask local people about the right way? Or you will keep walking around trying to find the way yourself instead?

When we are talking about business, money, profit - professional help became necessary.

We know China. We know markets. We know how and where to find best prices and good manufacturers. It is our everyday job - help our partners to find best deals in China.

Don't you think that ask professional will be much more efficient than trying to find all the information in unfamiliar market yourself?

How do we search for products and manufacturers?

This topic deserves a whole book. There are so many specific information about sourcing wholesale products in China. Try to explain briefly.

First important thing - we never do an easy sourcing. You ask to find the product, we found the first similar item online and give it to you - this will never happen. Not our work style. We will give you only best deals; we will compare a large number of suppliers and provide you with all the information.

Search in Yiwu Market. Around 100 000 suppliers have their showrooms in Yiwu. Most of them can not be found in any other place - no website, never attend international fairs. Yiwu Market - the only place where you can find them.

Search in special product-oriented cities. Sock-city, toy-city, even badminton-rocket-village - in China there are more "secret places" than you can imagine. Find this kind of suppliers possible only "by foot" - you will never find them anywhere except their city.

Search in our list of vendors. For years we have been creating a huge list of manufacturers. We will ask them about the product you are interested in.

Search for information in open resources - websites, trade fairs and so on. To compare with other offers, and give you full information.

The cost of the sourcing service

The cost of our professional sourcing service depends on your task difficulty level. It is the discussable matter.

You can pay per hour of work, needed for our staff to complete your sourcing task - $10 per 1 hour. For example, to find one item we can spend from 3 to 8 hours.

If your sourcing task requires a business trip to other cities (not Yiwu, where our office located) - it will be an additional cost for travel expenses (like train ticket, simple hotel) and $100 per 1 day of work.

Contact us, provide information about your particular task - let's discuss the price for your professional sourcing together!