Inspection And Quality Control In China

Inspection and quality control are one of the main of our tasks, missions in China. Find proper goods - easy, place the order and pay to the supplier - quite easy too. But what will you receive finally? Will your products match your order? How many broken/wrong items will you get? What is the amount of money that you can lose without any independent third-party inspection?

The answer is - A LOT.

china inspection quality control servicesBalance board inspection process in Yongkang, China

Standard and full quality control

Our company provides full service for export from China process. One of the essential parts of service - quality control and inspection. 

We do two types of quality control - standard and full. Standart quality control always included in our export from China assistance service. Full quality control needs some additional payment. 

Let me explain the difference:

1. Standard quality control

Standard quality control means we will open and carefully check 10% of the products received. If 10% has no problems - we assume that all the products "OK" - we ready for shipping, prepared to pay the balance to the supplier.

If during the inspection we will reveal any problem - we will contact you, explain the situation, and together we will figure out how to do with that problem - return the items to the supplier, change the items to good ones, or get the discount.

Anyway, if we see that any item after 10% inspection shows some problem - we will check ALL the goods. To make sure how big the problem is.

I will give you an example, how it works in real life. 

You visited China; we chose the products, placed orders - time to receive the goods. And we need to do quality and quantity control to make sure that you will receive the same as you ordered.

For example, we have five suppliers, from which we received 50 different items, ten cartons each. We will check 10% of each different product - 1 carton from each item, 50 cartons total. If we see no problems - assume all the goods checked and quality confirmed. If one of the items show any signs of mistakes - we will check all ten cartons with this particular item and decide how to deal with the problem.

Another example. We receive 100 different items each item only one carton. Will we check only 10%? No. In this case, we will open every single carton, practically do the FULL inspection. Because every different item should be inspected.

2. Full quality control

Some customers are asking us to do FULL quality control. Mean open EVERY SINGLE carton, count and inspect every single item. They want to make sure that all the goods in perfect condition.

We can do this. But needs more time, can you imagine how many people and hours required for full inspection of every single item in one 40ft container? Hours, or even maybe days.

If you want us to do a full inspection, full quality control in China - we will count how much time we need, and charge some additional payment for this kind of task.

Types of inspection

1. Inspection and quality control in our Yiwu warehouse

Most common type - inspection and quality control in our warehouse in Yiwu city. Usually, suppliers send the goods to our warehouse, we do the inspection - and decide to confirm or reject the goods. Or make any other decision together with the customer.

Inspection in our warehouse doesn't requere any additional payments - as it's our warehouse, all the working staff here, quality control goes more easy and smooth.

2. On-site inspection and quality control - any city in China 

But sometimes, we need to do the on-site inspection at the factory. For example, you ordered full container from only one supplier, and there is no use to ship this cargo to our warehouse - can load container at the factory directly.

But we need to do inspection anyway - to make sure everything is right, quality and quantity meet your expectations.

We can do it, but this kind of activity requires some additional expenses - tickets, sometimes hotel and other. If you want us to do the professional on-site inspection in China - send a message, let's find a way together.


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