China Buying Agent - Full Export Support

We can help you buy things from China. As you know, it's not so easy to do, if we talking about buying in bulk. You need a professional support on this side - in China. Solve problems, getting things done, inspect everything before ship the goods out from China - that is our job.

Let me explain what we do.

What we do:

1. Sourcing for products and manufacturers

Looking for a particular product, or thinking about creating your own? We will find best supplier special for your needs. For most of our customers, we searching manufacturers directly - and you will be sure that you get best prices.

Send us your requirements, specific task - we will start to work on it immediately. 

2. Business trip to China

The best way to start a business with Chinese suppliers - visit China. We helping organize business trips to China - will it be the international trade fair, or wholesale market, or factory directly - we will make the trip maximum efficient and profitable.

Most popular destination are:

Yiwu Market - the capital of the small commodities and biggest wholesale market in the world.

Guangzhou - Canton fair and lots of factories, colossal garment markets

Shenzhen - the city of electronics

Shantou - toy city, biggest showrooms in the world and thousands of toys factories.

However, there are much more places to visit - all depends on what kind of business you are dealing and what type of product you want to import from China. Contact us to get free consultancy!

3. Orders and payments

Appropriate contract with suppliers is a critical issue. If you make any mistake, or not mention details - all your goods can be wrong, and you will pay for that.

We make a right contract, right order to the supplier, we can help with payments on the terms which supplier want - even we can pay him in cash. 

4. Inspection and quality control

Inspection and quality/quantity control of your products - unquestionably is the essential part of our job. If you accept wrong, damaged, or incomplete items, you can lose much money. You should never "save money" on inspection and quality control services in China. It's your insurance.

Remember, after you accept the goods in China, shipped to your country - you will never get any refund if anything goes wrong. None of the suppliers will do that. You must professionally check your goods BEFORE they leave China.

We can help with this question. We will do a professional and careful inspection and quality/quantity control.

5. Documents and shipping

The supplier doesn't have an export license? Do you need to combine products from several suppliers in one container? We can help with that. We can buy your goods from different suppliers, load them in one container, make proper documents and ship container to the port you choose.

Why our service is so useful

Of course, you can deal with manufacturers from China directly. If your supplier is a big company, with clear business processes and highly reliable - maybe you will not face any problems.

However, most of the time, to deal with Chinese suppliers you need to find a right partner, export (buying) agent in China, who will assist you in business travel, do the inspection and quality control, make thing easy with papers and payments.

We will become your partner, your "insurance company" in China - you will always get precisely same products as you ordered, not face any trouble with communication, papers, and payments.

How much you can pay for our service

Usually, we charge commission from 2 to 6% of the total order amount, as a payment for our service. This fee includes everything written above.

You can choose just one of the services, for example - inspection of the goods only, in this case, we can discuss the fee.

Contact us and let's discuss your project together!


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