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Thinking about your first business trip to China? Want to make it maximum useful, profitable and in a professional way? Or maybe you have been in China before, but now you want to expand your business connections and learn something new?

What is your plan?

What are you planning to accomplish during the business trip to China? Let me introduce most common reasons for our partners business trips to China:

  1. Visit factory.  Find the particular facility, which can produce required goods. In this way, we can help to find a manufacturer, send you information in advance, plan the visit, help with negotiations and anything else related to export your goods from China.                                       
  2. Visit International Wholesale Markets and showrooms. Mostly - Yiwu and Shantou city. International Trade City in Yiwu - better than any trade fair, because of the huge number of suppliers and best prices. Who doesn't want to visit never-ending trade fair?                                            
  3. Visit international fairs. Canton Fair, Shanghai Toy Fair, or any other. Not a good idea go there alone - better find a partner in China, who can help you with negotiations and export.                                                                                                                                                
  4. Visit special cities for particular goods. For example, bike city - produce all kind of bikes, ATV, scooter, thousands of factories. Sock city - 8 000 companies which provide only socks, where you can find the better price for socks? Almost every item has a particular town, which produces only this and nothing else. Interesting? Of course yes.                                                       
  5. Give me your own idea - let's think where to go and how to plan it properly!

All you need to do - book your flight

Nothing else to worry about - hotels, transfer, guide-translator, professional business trip planning - all included in price.

Let's discuss your plan - give us as much details as you can. 

We will create a plan for your trip, choose best time together, choose proper cities and events.

Ready-to-go business tours:

Yiwu City - visit Yiwu Market - biggest wholesale market in the world

One of the top destinations in China - Yiwu city. Huge wholesale market - 100 000 suppliers, millions of products, new ideas everywhere - Yiwu can change your business forever.

Not only Yiwu Market - visit factories and cities nearby. Metall city, sock city, textile city, and much more.

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